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In this Document we will cover the common Questions and Answers:

Q: Where can I download the latest Version of ExBrowser Plugin?
A: You can download it from the License Server, or from Zaxaa where you purchased the plugin. The urls are: (Since Mai 2017)
 (Before Mai2017)

Or from the bot-factory Download Page. That URL was in the email you received after you purchased the Plugin.

Q: I get a license error when I launch the Plugin
A: Check that your Login is correct. Try to login to the license server. Check that you have free registration spots left. If not, try to reset one.

Q: I get a MD5 error when I launch the plugin
A: Download the latest version and try again

Q: I updated the plugin and still get the md5 / version error
A: Very likely that the plugin is not in the correct directory. It has to be in your %appdata%\Ubot Studio\Plugins Folder

Q: I have no free License Slots but want to start Ubot Studio
A: You have to delete the plugin from the Plugin Folder completely

Q: My Xpath Expression is correct but I can't click an Element
A: Depending on the website, elements get activated when the mouse hovers over them. Play around with the Move Mouse and Scroll to Element Commands.
Sometimes elements need to be visible in the viewable area of the browser. You can't click something that is at the bottom of the site and can't be viewed at the moment.
But this depends on the website.

Q: Can the Plugin do XYZ?
A: Is the browser able to do it? ExBrowser is a remote control. We can't add features to the browser. If the browser can't do it, we can't automate it.

Q: Can I run multiple Bots on the same PC.
A: You can, but you should NOT do that. The cleanup command will terminate Chrome and FF remote control processes from the system where you run it. That means, you could kill some important processes while the other Bot is still running. You can use Cleanup Light if you want to run multiple bots on one system. That will not terminate running drivers automatically. But this could mean you have some processes left running after your bot is closed.

Q: What are those files in the %appdata% folder
A: Chromedriver, phantomjs.exe, WebDriver.FirefoxExt, disable_webrtc-1.0.6, Updater.exe and some others, are all components of ExBrowser Plugin and should be left alone.
They are required for the plugin to work correctly.

Q: Are ubot qualifiers (And, or, not, either) supported in the ExBrowser element fields.
A: NO. But Xpath expressions support AND / OR / NOT. But you have to write the correct Xpath expression and not use the qualifiers from ubot within your xpath expression!

Q: Can I use the Xpath Expressions that Chrome Element inspector creates? Those long ones?
A: Yes you can, BUT they will fail as soon as the websites structure changes only a little bit. It's normally much better to write unique but more generic expressions.
And NOT things like: x:/html/body/div[3]/div[2]/div[1]/div/footer/label/input

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